Welcome to BUSarchitektur!
Since our establishment in 1986 in Buenos Aires by Claudio J. Blazica (1956-2002) and Laura P. Spinadel, we have been dedicated to innovative and experimental architecture. Spinadel has successfully led the architectural firm in Vienna since 2003. Our work has gained international recognition.
We take pride in winning the “Outstanding Artist Award for Experimental Trends in Architecture” in Austria in 1988 for our master plan of the Mataderos district in Buenos Aires. This award honours our creative approach and our pursuit of architectural excellence.
Another significant achievement was the “Otto Wagner Urban Planning Award” for our research and implementation of Vienna’s innovative “Compact City” concept. This urban design concept has received considerable acclaim and underscores our ability to develop sustainable and future-oriented solutions.
Through the realization of various masterplans, we have made a name for ourselves, including the masterplan for STAR 22 - A Center for All, the densification of Kurpark Oberlaa Neu, the Forum Schönbrunn in Vienna, and the “Hoffmann geht spazieren” project in Purkersdorf. We have also excelled in designing notable campus projects such as Uni-Med in Graz, ITMO in St. Petersburg, Lübeck in Germany, and Cummins College Road in India.
Our achievements have been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including the CICA Urban Planning Award, Biennale BA15, and the Plischke Prize, all in 2015, for our master plan, architecture, and landscape planning for the WU Wien campus. In addition, we take pride in receiving the Vienna Architecture Award and many other accolades.
An impressive recent innovation from BUSarchitektur is the “URBAN MENUS” - a web-based 3D software and process management portfolio for participatory and impact-oriented urban development. This cutting-edge tool has been recognized as the best practice for accelerating change in developing resilient cities in the digital age, notably distinguished by the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development, and Construction of the Republic of Germany through the National Dialogue Platform Smart Cities 2023.
As an architectural firm, we place great value on creative and visionary approaches to creating spaces that are functional and aesthetically appealing. Our work is characterized by resilience, sustainability, and innovation within the given budget. We work closely with our clients to fulfil their individual needs. Our highly qualified team is dedicated and knowledgeable, bringing passion to every project.
We look forward to leveraging our years of experience and expertise to execute challenging architectural projects successfully. Let us work together to bring your visions to life.