BUSarchitektur was founded in 1986 in Buenos Aires by Claudio J. Blazica (1956-2002) and Laura P. Spinadel. In Vienna, the architectural firm has been run jointly with Jean Pierre Bolívar and Bernd Pflüger since 2003. The firm’s Master Plan for the Mataderos district of Buenos Aires won the 1988 Outstanding Artist Award for Experimental Trends in Architecture. Work that began as research for the Compact City project in Vienna won the Otto Wagner Urban Architecture Award. BUSarchitektur has developed master plans for STAR 22 - A Center for Everyone, for the densification of the Oberlaa Neu spa park, for Forum Schönbrunn in Vienna, as well as for the Hoffmann takes a walk in Purkersdorf and for the University of Medicine campus in Graz. BOA office for advanced randomness was established as a collaboration between Laura P. Spinadel and Hubert Marz in order to encourage alternative approaches to the communication and discussion of spaces and urbanities.

In 2008 BUSarchitektur won the Master Plan and General Planning Competition for Campus WU. In addition to designing and planning the Teaching Center, BUSarchitektur also undertook the open space and parking area projects, while BOA produced all the documentation and communication materials.